Meet The Owner




As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help people and if you ask me, I never meet a stranger. I started my journey around 2011 when I move from ATL to NYC. I was able to secure work fairly easy at a health food store. There, my curiosity soared as I began to learn about the body and properties in food. Realizing food is medicinally healing, I now must eat to live and not live to eat. After about 2 years residency, I relocated back to GA as my father’s health began to decline. With the knowledge gained from my journey up the coast, I was now more determined than ever to conquer any illnesses struck our way.


2013 came parenthood! My ‘sonshine’, such a blessing, was later diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS). After educating myself on his super power, I saw how life once again, gave me all the tools to strengthen my tribe. In my studies, I found maintaining healthy gut bacteria was key in the aid of wellness for ADS. Juicing, particularly "green juices" are most popular amongst the ADS community. Hailing from the at home quaint kitchen corridors, juicing for health and mental wellness, Juiced Up Inc was born.


From home to a shared commercial kitchen, I expanded my production and business. In the years to come I began to outgrow my then space, allowing me to shop and scout the market + see new opportunities for expansion in my community. Here I was introduced to Marddy’s. It was the story, core values, and community driven energy that was a perfect fit for me! We shared love languages in “helping the community” and “children with super powers”.


In my short time with this family, I have developed so much in humanity and humility. I am strengthening self as a business owner through networking opportunities, developing as a philanthropist and learning the fundamentals of being a beacon in my community. With sound business plans, I have been able to remain objective and secure new retail locations for my juices here in town and my website has too expanded, My non-profit organization, A Puzzles Purpose,  has become prominent as we provide educational outlets and jobs for young bosses on the spectrum, teaching the importance of mental health and the roles diet play in day to day activity.