How to Make Healthy Superfood Smoothies

Superfood Smoothies
Super foods are extremely loveable! They are nutritional powerhouses that should definitely be a part of your daily diet. These nutritious foods can make your health better in various ways. From detoxing your body with Acai berries, to attaining anti-ageing effects by Goji berries, you can use your best smoothie blender to create Superfood Smoothies for yourself and healthy smoothies for kids to use these nutrient packed superfoods in a tasty drink!

Here are some healthy smoothies recipes worthy of your attention that can be easily used to make smoothies at home which will be beneficial for your health in a lot of ways.

Acai Berries
Grown on the Acai Palm trees, this fruit originates from the Amazon region. These detoxing berries are the best anti-oxidants you can eat! Basically what you’ll be taking in is a few calories, little unsaturated fat, proteins and plenty of fiber and minerals! These berries are so magical they are known to be able to kill cancerous growth and cholesterol! What you may do is that you freeze the pulp of the Acai berries and use the whole food to create a healthy smoothie without any added ingredient. A little sweetener or maybe another fruit may be helpful in bringing out the rich taste though.  Also you can blend these with almond milk, ginger and vanilla and top it with chia seeds and raspberries.

Avocado is also a great superfood we’ve all heard of! Easy to find anywhere, you can make an amazing and healthy superfood smoothie using your best smoothie blender to make this avocado smoothie. Blend it in with strawberries, orange juice, yoghurt and mint. For extra proteins you can use Greek yoghurt, also an amazing superfood. Add a sweetener to create minty sweet smoothies for kids that they are bound to love!

Do you or your kids dislike the idea of sipping on a green smoothie? Well, here’s a problem solver! Use this healthy recipe for smoothies to make a spinach smoothie you won’t know has spinach! Lose the green by blending in cocoa powder with the spinach. Add bananas to make it creamy and frothy while you use nut butter for extra taste. This can be a great addition to your smoothie for kids!

Almond and Berries
Enriched with brain-boosting, nutritious and delicious superfoods, this superfood smoothie will energize you on a whole new level. Blend in a chalk full of healthy ingredients such as almonds, raspberries, strawberries, dark chocolate and spices along with Greek yoghurt for a dose of proteins, fibers and vitamins to keep ensure you have the best day ever!

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil’s health benefits are so many, you’d be surprised. As it aids to weight loss, helps cure bad cholesterol, kills bacteria, and even reverse Alzheimer! Add this to your healthy superfood smoothie list as you blend it with yoghurt, apple, banana, vanilla and add sweetening effect to your choice!

Mangoes are great! Sweet, sour and juicy, mangoes are also great superfoods enriched with nutrients that enable your body to stay healthy. They boost your immune system and energize you to a great extent. Kids love mangoes so make healthy superfood smoothies for kids using this recipe. Blend mango chunks with water, lime juice, apple juice, and hemp seeds to create this superfood boost!

Goji Berries
Red in color, these berries, can make a great healthy superfood smoothie! Originating from South Asian countries, this fruit is enriched with proteins, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. These are perfect for vegetarians and improve eye health and heart! Blend these in with yoghurt, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon and another fruit such as apples or bananas of your liking to create a great healthy red smoothie.

While all these can be great superfood smoothies to make, here are some incredibly simple tips on how to make sure your recipe is the best and most taste enriched.  Firstly, whenever you make green smoothies don’t throw in all the greens together in your best smoothie blender. Always choose your greens wisely, especially if you are new to this. Kale and Swiss Chard smoothies will always taste more bitter than spinach and romaine. So balance it out. Use lesser bitter greens, and more spinach, add sweeteners to make your green smoothie taste better! Also, try to use maximum of your frozen ingredients. This tip will allow you to make a more thick and frosty smoothie as compared to those where fresh ingredients are used. Therefore, the tip is that the colder and thicker your smoothie is, the better it will taste. You can easily buy frozen berries and greens to start with.  Make sure you never add too much liquid then. Always add half of your needed liquid, and see how much more you may need. This will make your Smoothie flavorful and creamy. Viola! Enjoy your healthy superfood smoothies.